Breakup advice – Biggest Break Up Mistakes

advice for breakups

We have some breakup advice here, showing you the biggest break up mistakes, you may well be making right now, hopefully not but read on and see.

It is crucial you do not do any of these mistakes, even if you have a heart that is broken. If you do manage to avoid these, your chances will jump to over 60% to get back with your ex.

  • Most people think that if you hang around your ex and try to be friends it will help. all that will actually happen is you will be used and viewed as someone who is around and not a serious partner.
  • Harassing your ex with millions of emails, thinking volumes of stuff will make them think more of you. They need space, so don’t fill the space with pointless emails.
  • Don’t call them all day, every day, the same as the email harassment, they need space, not your pointless messages. And you need space too. Especially if you are angry, you need to calm down, it isn’t going to help. Think about your actions and give them space. If you are angry, go to the gym!!!
  • The other way to get into their life, is to do jobs/favors for them, to make you look irresistible. it won’t work, they will see through your efforts and lose any respect they may have had. It will turn out that you get used the whole time, this isn’t helping you or them.
  • Making them jealous, should be on the mistakes and good idea list. It all depends on how it is done, if you can do this successfully, they will get jealous, which works. But if it goes wrong, you will be pandering to their ego and shows your desperation.
  • OK the big one, do you or don’t you have sex with your ex? And for a guy this is a tricky one… But the act is showing them you will do whatever it takes to get back into their lives. Which should not be your plan. You need to get back into their lives on an equal footing, not just for the things you can do.
  • Some people who have been dumped after often trying to beg, feel real anger and resentment and the only way to feel some self respect and better about the situation is to threaten your ex. This is clearly a big no-no and may feel the right thing to do to make you feel better. But clearly this is the end of any possibility of a rekindling of your relationship.
  • The last one on the list of things, you should not be doing is another tricky one. Your ex may ask you to change something they do not like about you and in your desperation, you may say you will change Be very careful here as you may not be able to change or worse you may not need to change, and your ex will not think any more of you, if you just jump to their command.

Well that is the list of what you shouldn’t do, I bet you are doing at least one of those, I know I have in the past as love is blind.. Luckily now as I have mentioned before I have found a great guy who can probably help you, check it out here

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