Do ex boyfriends always come back these days?

do ex boyfriends come back these days?OK girls, here are some facts you probably need to know about your guy. You seem to struggle to relate to the guy you love, you don’t always speak the same language as each other. Guys say things that hurt you but were not intended to and then guys get very confused when they get the cold shoulder and tears come into play.

At this point all hell breaks loose as neither of you know what happened but you both feel it wasn’t your fault and in fact are certain it was the other person’s fault and feel hurt. But these flare ups do not need to happen, girls just need to better understand their guys. And as girls are the smarter sex it probably is up to you to get a better understanding as guys won’t as you know…

Here come those boyfriend facts…

1) Guys do think about absolutely nothing

You may not believe me but it is true, every man has the innate ability to think about nothing. So don’t worry or take it the wrong way if he doesn’t share he’s thoughts with you. As strangely as it may seem he may not have any thoughts!!!

So don’t concern yourself, just believe this fact.

2) He loves you and doesn’t want you to change

He actually just wants you to remain the same way, the day you both met. All happy, excited, touchy feely, he doesn’t want that to ever go away.

3) Change isn’t good in his mind

As mentioned, guys really do not do change at all. That is for you to change and more importantly for them to change. He wants everything the way it is, so no exercise, no healthy eating, same chair in front of the tv, same car, same, same, same. Scary isn’t it but great information for you, so you know when you want to make changes, he may freak out !!

4) Emotion is important to him as well

Females believe their partners are emotionally shallow but this is wrong, men do not show their emotions readily but they have strong emotions and often very deep. He may not say he loves you every day but deep down his love for his family and you is very strong. But he needs to understand you feel the same way.

You need to take these simple facts in and they will help you understand him better and hopefully with understanding will come a better appreciation of your man and what is driving him to be the way he is.

Do ex boyfriends always come back these days? Well yes they do come back, not always but as you can see from this list, there are lots of things you can do to control your guy.