How to rekindle a relationship (fun date night ideas not working? )

how to rekindle a relationshipAre You having fun on your date nights or are they not going well?

To put some love back into your relationship and to rekindle a relationship; a date with your loved one can really help. Even if you’re going through a bit of a problem period (seven year itch) or considering calling it quits, making the effort to have a date night and importantly making the right choices can be an enormous win for your relationship, whether you are married or not. But unfortunately, date night mistakes are easily made and can be of enormous proportions, the mistakes listed below can be disastrous for you and your loved ones attempts to save your relationship. The important step here is how to rekindle a relationship and these mistakes show you what not to do.

Spending the Entire Night Discussing Family Problems

Your date night should be special and free from any mundane problems affecting the two of you. It has to be all about just you two and nothing else, the focus is all on you. So no in-laws, outlaws, children or friends and definitely no parents. This is a great opportunity to have a romantic time together, so do not bring any bad feelings or ‘old wounds’ with you.

Bringing Work Along on Your Date

Do not bring work with you, it will not only destroy the mood but will cause resentment. In many relationships, work is an issue, your partner feels they take 2nd place to your job and more importantly you put your job before the family. Any work discussion could cause resentment and boil over into a big argument. And basically will kill the mood, but can be avoided for that one night, which will be great for both of you.

Cancelling Date Night or Rearranging it at the Last Minute

Don’t ever cancel date night, that is an enormous problem, unless somebody dies, it is that important. If it gets canceled, it is saying to both of you, the reason for cancelling is more important than your relationship. But as we know life does get in the way, the key is then to do all you can to deal with the issue and ensure it happens. Whatever you have to do is better than dealing with the fallout of a cancellation.

And the same would be if there were any last minute changes, this would really cause problems and to be honest if you aren’t going to take the date night with the serious it deserves, its better not to consider it at all.

Falling into a Date Night Rut

Ok so date night has to be fun, exciting, it must not be allowed to become boring or routine, do not do the same old thing each week. Please, please don’t go to a movie and dinner each week. You have really got to switch it up, go somewhere different, take some time to plan something different, surprise each other. This has to be exciting and fun, so steak and soup and a movie with popcorn, is ok one week but that’s got to be it!!

Discuss date night, agree a list of things you would each like to do and grant each other your favorite wish. That will really liven up date night and could be quite exciting. The wishes do not have to be too crazy or expensive, just a little different and fun.

Do this and your relationship will not only improve but it will be one where you do not take each other for granted, which is so important.

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